Spring Cleaning With PracticeQ!

Jessica Heck
September 26, 2023
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Spring is upon us (it was March 20, for those of you keeping track). This is typically a time where both the weather and — hopefully — business volumes heat up, especially this year as winter and the worst of the pandemic are finally in our rear-view mirror. So isn’t it also a perfect time to perform a quick health check on your practice?

We'll focus on various aspects of how PracticeQ's solutions (and stay tuned for even more, coming soon!) are designed to help you run your practice more efficiently… especially for those that return to seeing more patients in the office, morphing into a virtual care model, or a hybrid of the two.

Your practice spring cleaning checklist

Even if you’re a power user of PracticeQ practice management solutions, just keeping up with your practice’s daily needs can get in the way of pausing to do a little behind-the-scenes cleanup.

Here are just a few things we recommend you do periodically to “clean house” in your accounts:

✔️Run an internal audit on permissions. Who’s left the practice, or changed roles?

✔️A regular “data hygiene” check-in. Be mindful of requirements for keeping data for a certain period of time, which may vary by state/province or specialty.

✔️Review pending lists of forms, including invoices and unused form templates that can be archived or deleted.

✔️Review forms to ensure they carry current branding, address(es), and include any data fields you’ve been meaning to add or update.

Lower costs, boost revenue and drive growth through a shared services model

We think PracticeQ's cloud-based solutions are offered at a very reasonable subscription-based price, and we hear from customers that you agree. But there are a number of particularly smaller clinics that need more-robust forms and practice-management solutions than they believe they can afford alone.

From chiropractors to massage therapists, physical or occupational therapists and other clinicians, an increasing number of providers are discovering how they can share everything from PracticeQ's solutions to often-expensive office space. They can also implement cross-marketing initiatives to help reduce costs, boost revenues and offer an expanding array of convenient healthcare services to their current and future healthcare consumers.

Feature highlight: Embedded journals

PracticeQ provides the ability to send forms to your patients that will act as journal entries. These forms can be set to automatically be sent out to patients at certain intervals, and are typically used for things such as logging food intake, exercise, breastfeeding, pain levels and more.

 It’s so easy to enable this feature:

Navigate to More > Settings > Features. Click the button Enable Journals under the Journals section of this page. Then you’re ready to create a form template, send them to patients as you deem appropriate (or message them about how to access their journal on the secure client portal and get started), and view the information as the patient completes the journal.

We’re extremely proud to hear when a practice talks about how our solutions and team are helping them. But Tabitha Henson’s gracious comments just blew us away.  

In a video interview, Tabitha, an LCSW-R trauma therapist who owns Mosaic Clinical Services in Kingston, NY, talks about how her old systems were expensive, inaccurate and wasted a lot of time and money.

“I’m not kidding—PracticeQ has enabled me to save $100,000 or more. So much money.”

Henson said that PracticeQ is loved by both her administrative and clinical staff. “I always say if I could love an IT program, it’d be this one.”

PracticeQ has enabled not only money savings, but growth. She’s tripled their clinical staff in a year, and moved to a completely virtual model to deliver their specialized trauma therapy, mental health, substance abuse and services to help deal with the underlying issues that reach the criminal justice system’s involvement. Thanks to moving to being totally virtual and using PracticeQ, those services can now be provided to anyone throughout New York state.

“We also have a much better work-life balance and can be better clinicians, wherever we or our patients are."

“I can’t say enough about how much it’s helped the cash flow and the bottom line. It’s enabled me to grow the practice, whereas I couldn’t before because of how dysfunctional the reporting and billing were on our previous system. I wish I had known about [PracticeQ] and opened my practice using its solutions from day one.”

There are so many more insightful comments! Listen to Tabitha’s comments; they’re absolutely worth your time and can perhaps give you some thoughts about all of what’s possible with PracticeQ.

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