IV Infusion Medical EHR & Practice Management Software

All-Inclusive Patient Solution for IV Therapy Clinics

Our comprehensive practice management solution handles payments, patient communication, appointments, and more. Streamline workflows easily and prioritize patient care while optimizing the administrative side of your clinic.

Payments integration makes patient billing and collection easy.

Automate online intake forms with real-time tracking.

Online booking optimizes your calendar.

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IV Clinic staff member setting up an IV drip.
physical and occupational therapy practice digital invoice.
Physical and occupational therapy practice user interface for booking an appointment.

IV Therapy Clinics use PracticeQ to effortlessly…

Manage revenue in the same EHR platform as all patient communication tools. Our all-inclusive platform is easy to use for Infusion Medical Practices.

Integrated Payments for IV Therapy Practice

Use one system for processing insurance claims and payments within your practice management system. See faster revenue growth with automated tools.

Payment summary user interface.

Easy Appointment Booking and Scheduling

IV Infusion Clinics and Medical Spas, keep your calendars full. Balance your time with patient and practice needs.

Online appointment booking user interface.

Online Forms with Extra Features

Create consent and intake forms, employment applications, and customer surveys—then track changes in real-time for up-to-date information.

Online digital forms.

Integrated Electronic Prescriptions

Check the list of prescription drugs covered by patient insurance plans, medication history, and refill requests.

E-prescribing user interface.

All Patient Tasks Online

Patients can schedule appointments, view and sign forms, and pay invoices online. HIPAA-compliant messaging included.

Online patient portal user interface.

Practice Management Automation

Save hours each week by automating manual tasks, payments, and emails. PracticeQ's intelligent platform handles it all.

Examples of automation user interface.

We make running medical businesses easier

PracticeQ manages EMR tasks across one or multiple IV therapy clinics. Easily handle ledgers, customer records, and office automation.

Streamlined Tasks and Integrated e-Prescribing

Centralize all patient data

Complete and organize treatment notes, then give clients access to data regarding their journey in PracticeQ.

Maximize revenue and minimize workload

Save hours writing insurance claims or sending treatment bills. Accept all major credit cards and automate payments.

Write, refill, and track any Rx

Use e-Prescribing to send prescriptions to pharmacies, including generics, brand-name drugs, injections, and vitamins.

IV Therapy centers pick PracticeQ for total practice admin.

“We have been able to implement this into our needs rather easily! It's exciting to be able to provide our clients with a far more seamless option to go from sign-up with us to appointment.”

Valerie, Office Manager

“Any change I want to make in practiceQ, I could make it on the fly. I can change the workflow, the pricing, the scheduling rules, the actual construction of the questionnaires themselves, right in the middle of my day, without blowing up my entire schedule. I can do it in between patients.”

Joey Nichols

“I cannot say enough about how much it has helped the cash flow and the bottom line. It has allowed me to grow the practice, whereas I couldn't before because of how dysfunctional the reporting was and the billing was on our previous EHR.”

Tabitha Henson

Tailor your system for your needs

Empower your practice with PracticeQ's practice management software, allowing you to perfectly customize the system to match your unique needs and preferences.

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