Practice Management Integrations

PracticeQ partners with top technology organizations to enhance healthcare practices’ operational capabilities — and it’s already included in your subscription!

Increase profitability without expanding your vendor list.

Whether you’re a psychiatrist who wants charting notes directly uploaded to Google Drive, a chiropractor recommending the best magnesium supplement through Fullscript, or you need to fax documentation, PracticeQ has you covered at no extra cost.

Put even more customization in practice management software with open API availability.

Our open API enables seamless integration between PracticeQ and other applications, allowing developers to create custom integrations for your specific needs. Make calls for forms, clients, appointments, files, invoices, and claims securely.

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Forms Integrations with Other EHRs


Upload forms automatically to Elation and update patient demographics.


Upload forms automatically to Athena and update patient demographics. Setup fee to initiate integration; contact us for more information. 


IntakeQ uploads forms automatically to the EHR and updates patient demographics. See integration article.

Insurance Clearinghouses


 Integrated electronic insurance billing with Trizetto.

Office Ally

Integrated electronic insurance billing with Office Ally. 

Out of Network Client Reimbursifications


File out-of-network health insurance reimbursement claims right from your smartphone in less than a minute with Reimbursify.


Google Meet

Schedule and host telehealth sessions with Google Meet. 


Schedule and host telehealth sessions with Zoom. 



Get advanced fax functionality, such as receiving faxes and using your own fax number with SRFax.

Supplement Recommendations


Dispense supplements directly to clients from a trusted source of wellness supplements with Fullscript.


Rupa Health

Order, track, and obtain results from 30+ lab companies within our platform using Rupa Health. 


Google Analytics

Gather advanced visit tracking data within our booking widget with Google Analytics. 

Google Calendar

Connect your booking to Google Calendar for added functionality. 

Google Drive

Upload intake forms and treatment notes to your Google Drive account in real-time. 


Outlook Calendar

Connect your booking to Outlook Calendar for added functionality.

Google Calendar

Connect your booking to Google Calendar for added functionality. 



Automate different areas of your business with Zapier connections to many other third-party applications. Note: Zapier is not covered by our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. 


What custom integrations can I create with the PracticeQ API?

Developers can use the API to create custom integrations for forms, client data, appointments, files, invoices, claims, and more, making it easier to tailor the software to your practice’s unique workflows and requirements.

Are there additional costs involved in using PracticeQ’s practice management integrations?

PracticeQ offers a range of integrations that are part of your existing plan, so you don’t incur any additional charges for these features.

How can PracticeQ integrations help increase my practice’s profitability?

Automating tasks like uploading charting notes to Google Drive, integrating insurance billing, and faxing documentation can save time and reduce administrative overhead. These efficiencies allow you to focus more on patient care and less on manual tasks, ultimately increasing your profitability without the need to expand your vendor list.

What types of integrations does PracticeQ offer?

PracticeQ allows practices to use integrated clearinghouses, out-of-network claim reimbursement, telehealth, supplement recommendations, labs, automation, Google tools, and more.