e-Prescribing Software Integration

Get from Rx to Tx Faster

e-Prescribing by PracticeQ gives doctors integrated medical prescriptions within their patient management system.

View patients' medication history and prescription insurance formulary information.

  • Send any Rx, including controlled substances.
  • Receive and quickly respond to refill requests within PracticeQ.
  • Check generic and brand-name prescription drugs covered by a patient's insurance plan.
  • Enhance patient safety and medication adherence.

Our compliant electronic prescription solution keeps patient data secure and is backed by the ScriptSure network, winner of the 2022 White Coat Award™ for the highest accuracy in prescription transactions.

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Improve the quality of patient care

Healthcare providers can send prescription medication to retail and mail-order pharmacies within the Surescripts network. Write new or refill a Rx for generic and brand-name drugs (including controlled substances), injection medication, over-the-counter medicine, and vitamins.

Electronically sending accurate, error-free prescriptions directly from your practice is important in improving patient care quality. 

Error-free prescribing

Moving away from handwritten prescriptions significantly reduces the risk of medication errors due to illegible handwriting. Forego security headaches with e-Prescribing software that standardizes Rx writing and refills.

Integrated eRx saves time

Integrated e-Prescribing within your patient management system lets you effortlessly manage prescriptions, review medication histories, and electronically send Rx directly to pharmacies.

PDMP management insights

With a direct integration with Bamboo health, our e-Prescribing tools offer insights into a patient controlled-substance history so you have the data to provide the best and safest care.

A new level of optimization to patient care

Closely monitor patients's real-time Tx plan progress via the dashboard. Make including supervisors or collaborating MD information on the script hassle-free so the pharmacy get's the script filled quickly.

  • View outstanding refills and ensure patients never miss a dose.
  • Reduce potential prescription errors with real-time validation on required fields.
  • Optimize medical prescribing, improve medical adherence, and foster better patient communication. 

If any issues arise, you can swiftly intervene via our secure patient portal, providing continuous engagement and improved patient care.

Enhance patient safety and medication adherence

With e-Prescribing, healthcare providers can access comprehensive medication histories, allowing them to make informed decisions and avoid potential drug interactions or allergies.

Patients benefit from increased Rx adherence as electronic prescriptions are sent directly to pharmacies.

  • Make better health outcomes a top priority with PracticeQ's eRx management tools.
  • Stop non-fulfillment from preventing patients from adhering to their prescribed treatment plan.
  • End manual drop-offs and guarantee timely access to medications.

Avoid CMS e-Prescribing penalties with PracticeQ software.

Electronic prescriptions give providers end-to-end control over treatment plans and patient satisfaction.

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