7 Ways to Start a Successful Ketamine Clinic with PracticeQ

April 15, 2024
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  • Learn how PracticeQ's ketamine EHR can save you time and improve documentation in your ketamine clinic.
  • Explore the efficiency of client intake and evaluation with PracticeQ's ready-to-use form templates and automated assessment tools.
  • Gain insights into the secure and compliant ePrescribing feature of PracticeQ, tailored for ketamine administration.
  • Understand the benefits of PracticeQ's inventory management for tracking and organizing your ketamine stock.
  • Discover how PracticeQ streamlines the billing and payment process, making client transactions smooth and hassle-free.

Jumpstart Ketamine Infusion Services with a Seamless Ketamine EHR  

If you’re thinking about starting a ketamine clinic, you’re not alone. Ketamine infusion clinics have risen in demand, particularly for treating treatment-resistant medical and mental health conditions. It offers promising opportunities for clients and providers alike.  

An essential part of getting your ketamine clinic started is to ensure you have an efficient client management system. That means being able to properly document your ketamine administration, essential for saving your practice time and money.  

With PracticeQ's electronic health records (EHR) system, you can avoid writing out lengthy notes and save valuable time.  

Here are seven easy ways you can use PracticeQ to successfully start your ketamine clinic.  

1. Book Your Ketamine Services  

When your client books a ketamine infusion, you can use intake forms to confirm they’re the right fit for the treatment. For example, you may send out an initial psychiatric evaluation to ensure ketamine is suitable for your client. PracticeQ offers flexible forms that adapt to various treatment protocols, including ketamine administration. They include intake, treatment plans, and visit and discharge summaries.  

When a client books a ketamine service, you can send the ketamine intake by default to make the intake process smoother.

2. Begin Client Intake  

PracticeQ ketamine administration note screenshot


The intake process is crucial for starting a client's healthcare journey as it gathers important information about the client.

PracticeQ provides users with intake form templates for ketamine clinic management under the standard forms section.

These ready-to-use, provider-approved templates can save your clinic hours instead of having to create your own forms from scratch.  

Once you’ve imported these templates from the Standard Forms area, view the measured assessments needed to properly evaluate the client prior to ketamine administration (such as PHQ-9, GAD-7, PCL-5). These may already be in your account, so check the My Forms page first.  

3. Evaluate the Client  

In ketamine practices, tracking your client’s long-term improvement is an essential part of the mental healthcare journey.  

PracticeQ makes it easy to send out questionnaires and scored assessments for your clients to complete in the patient portal. You may use journals to automatically send assessments at defined intervals. That way, you don’t have to worry about sending them yourself.*  

Then, all HIPAA-compliant forms will appear on the timeline in the client profile to make tracking and viewing their progress seamless.  

Additionally, PracticeQ includes a standard ketamine administration note template designed and validated by ketamine providers. It allows you to carefully monitor the client's vitals and other important info during their session. This can help you mitigate risk significantly.  

Likewise, PracticeQ makes it easy to transfer intake and assessment information into visit notes. You can do this by "pinning" intake questions, helping you save time and improve organization. You'll be able to display them during the session for more efficient, thorough appointments.  

*PracticeQ is currently working on displaying the scores of these assessments in different views. When completed, you'll be able to easily see the progress of the client as a part of your measurement-based care plan. Stay tuned!  

4. Start Prescribing Ketamine  

Screenshot of PracticeQ ePrescribing feature for ketamine administration


If you need to prescribe ketamine for your client, you can prescribe directly from the session note (as long as you're subscribed to PracticeQ’s e-Prescribing plan). This integration is secure and helps you stay compliant with ID verification checking.  

Once you're approved, you can choose from numerous ketamine options to find one that best fits your client's needs.  

5. Track Ketamine Inventory  

If you have ketamine inventory and need to monitor the quantities and expiration dates, you can use the Inventory Management feature. This feature allows you to keep track of your ketamine stock easily.  

You can also set reminders for expiration dates to ensure you use the ketamine before it expires. PracticeQ's Inventory Management feature helps you stay organized and efficient with your ketamine inventory. When you add the product, be sure to add the lot number and expiration date. It can help you track the affected clients in case of an issue with the lot.  

6. Bill Clients via Superbill  

Providing a superbill for your client is easy in PracticeQ. Some insurance companies will reimburse for the consultations but not the treatment yet.  

Learn more about setting up superbills for your client's appointments on our page about How to Create Superbills.  

7. Accept Payments for Your Services  

At the end of every service, it’s important to have a seamless payment system. PracticeQ’s payment system integrates directly into the software, making accepting payments easy.  

Accept payments seamlessly with PracticeQ's payment system.


If you haven't already set up PracticeQ payments, apply by going to the booking settings. There, select the payments tab where you'll find a button to sign up. During the completion of the application, check the box for ketamine administration where a few questions will appear.

As always, if you run into any issues during this process, reach out to our amazing support team at

Launch Your Ketamine Clinic’s Success with PracticeQ  

Having an efficient EHR to help your ketamine administration clinic is essential for client and practice success. As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that the right tools and support are key to your private practice's success. PracticeQ offers a streamlined approach to managing your ketamine clinic's unique needs, from intake to treatment and beyond.  

Want to see if PracticeQ is right for your clinic? Schedule a free demo with our team or experience it hands-on with a free 14 day trial!  


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