All-in-One Patient and Practice Management

Customize your chiropractic practice management experience. Tailor every aspect of your EHR to your unique needs, from appointment scheduling to client records and SOAP notes, and elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and excellence.

  • Payments integration makes patient billing and collection easy.
  • Automation eliminates slow admin operations.
  • Online booking optimizes your calendar.
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Chiropractors use PracticeQ to effortlessly…

Customize EHR system and automate front desk tasks. Chiropractors get back to their patients faster.

Equip your office with an easy, innovative, all-in-one solution for patient management. Drive revenue by using our inclusive practice management software—benefits include:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Happier patients
  • Better decision-making
  • HIPAA and TCPA compliance
  • Reduced costs

Simplify and automate workflows, improve office efficiency, and enhance patient satisfaction.

PracticeQ grows with your practice, so you don't have to invest in new software as your business expands.

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Integrated Payments for Chiropractors

Use one system for processing insurance claims and payments within your practice management system. See faster revenue growth with automated tools.

Payment summary user interface.

Easy Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Chiropractors, keep your calendars full. Balance your time with patient and practice needs.

Online appointment booking user interface.

Online Forms with Extra Features

Create consent forms, employment applications, and customer surveys—then track changes in real-time for up-to-date information.

Online digital forms.

Integrated Electronic Prescriptions

Check the list of prescription drugs covered by patient insurance plans, medication history, and refill requests.

E-prescribing user interface.

All Patient Tasks Online

Patients can schedule appointments, view and sign forms, and pay invoices online. HIPAA-compliant messaging included.

Online patient portal user interface.

Practice Management Automation

Save hours each week by automating manual tasks, payments, and emails. PracticeQ's intelligent platform handles it all.

Examples of automation user interface.

We make running a chiropractic practice easier

PracticeQ manages EMR tasks across one or multiple chiropractic practices. Easily handle revenue, client records, SOAP notes and office automation.

Customizable Patient Engagement and Business Growth

Maximize revenue and minimize workload

Save hours writing insurance claims or sending treatment bills. Accept all major credit cards and automate payments.

Customize your charting experience

Build charting notes that fit your unique needs. Create easy SOAP notes, add file uploads or body maps, and insert assorted question types to save time.

Centralize all patient data

Complete and organize treatment notes, then give clients access to data regarding their journey in PracticeQ.

Chiropractors choose PracticeQ to tailor practice management.

“It's really encouraging to work with a company like practiceQ that is so committed to the success of its users, to building up the features that are the most important to us, and to do that in a really stable and high-quality way.”

Joey N.

“It's seamless, it's intuitive, the appointment reminders, the emails that get sent out and we automatically schedule an intake, invoicing, paying online. All of that really helps me save money from an administrative perspective as well.”

Tabitha H.

“It is a huge part of our practice. And so it just facilitates filing that claim and knowing whether it's been paid, how much has been paid, using the customer's profile, the ease of looking up that information, and accessing all of that is like amazing. And why every practitioner literally isn't using this software is beyond me.”

Jean K., LMT, Owner, At Vancouver Massage

Tailor your system for your needs

Empower your practice with PracticeQ's practice management software, allowing you to perfectly customize the EMR system to match your unique needs and preferences.