Easy Patient Portal for Appointments, Billing, and Messages

Every Patient Task in One Platform

We give your practice a centralized, branded online hub that allows both you and your patients to collaborate consistently and continuously throughout the care journey.

It is now easier for your patients to stay engaged in their healthcare. They can schedule appointments, view intake forms, and make invoice payments online.

  • Practice-patient collaboration from the first appointment to the last.
  • Protected and HIPAA-compliant messaging for convenient communication.
  • Auto-responder allows patients to stay informed even when you're closed.

With the ability to share documents and generate superbills, our Patient Portal ensures a streamlined experience for all parties involved.

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Online tools for seamless engagement

Our online Patient Portal software is designed to elevate the patient experience and reduce the workload on your staff.

The intuitive platform allows patients to:

  • Pay invoices
  • Book appointments
  • Access essential information at any time

This gives patients the convenience of 24/7 care, boosting satisfaction rates and customer loyalty. Meanwhile, your staff can focus on providing personalized attention.

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Unparalleled flexibility

Patients can pay their treatment bills, book their next appointment, and access their health information outside clinic hours without needing to call or email your office.

No gaps in communication

Secure messaging and the Patient Portal auto-responder features enable effective communication with healthcare providers, ensuring patients stay informed and connected at all times.

Reduce staff labor

The Patient Portal streamlines administrative tasks, freeing valuable staff time to dedicate more attention to critical healthcare workflows.

Better healthcare communication is here

Bring convenience and efficiency to the forefront of your practice, enabling seamless interactions from any location and on any device.

Use the centralized portal's adaptable features to send and receive intake forms, share treatment notes, and more.

  • HIPAA compliance keeps patient data secure as you exchange messages and documents safely.
  • The multi-use portal lets you send and receive patient forms and requests and share treatment notes.
  • Communicate with patients from any location and device, making patient interactions more seamless.

Customizable online patient hubs with your branding reduce communication barriers for a truly connected healthcare experience.

Closing time doesn't mean closed for business

Get more time back in your day when patients pay invoices, book appointments, and manage various tasks independently whenever they want.

  • One central hub that operates round the clock for patients increases your office's reach.
  • Stay connected with patients even when your clinic is closed, using the auto-responder feature to keep them informed and engaged.
  • Patients who actively participate in their healthcare have proven better treatment results.

Setting up the Patient Portal auto-responder takes just a few clicks. Once enabled, the software replies to patient questions after office hours.

PracticeQ makes Patient Portals easier. Here's the proof.

"It has everything I needed for practice management, and I can integrate it with online services I was already using, such as Square, Office Ally, and Google Workplace. The price is reasonable, and I had more control over how to set everything up, i.e. documentation, the client portal, and automated processes."

Angela, Licensed Professional Counsellor

"I'm able to run my entire practice off of my iPhone as a truly solo practitioner who has no staff, not even a virtual assistant, I'm able to offer my patients, especially my millennial and Gen Z patients really especially value ... I mean, they expect to be able to schedule online, manage all of their appointments online. They want to communicate with me by text message, online secure message, email."

Joey N.

"I love IntakeQ. It is the best EMR I have ever used, and the level of support is fantastic. It truly makes my life immeasurably better and helps my clinic run more smoothly."

Rajan G.

Open the portal to a world of better health outcomes.

PracticeQ Patient Portals give your patients the power to manage their care and your staff the time to get more done.