Medical Inventory Management

Optimize Supply Chain Management

Optimize supply management, reduce waste, and improve usage and spending insights. Simplify reordering with direct-to-vendor links built into the platform.

Use one integrated solution for inventory management to track supply levels and improve availability for ideal client experiences.

  • Improved visibility and controls necessary to reduce costs
  • Prevent stockouts
  • Increase staff efficiency
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No more multiple-system mess

Switching between digital and paper tracking systems leads to confusion and errors. Forget cluttered supply closets and excess or expired stock.

Make reordering easy by including vendor links right where you need them.

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Better patient care

Stop suffering stockouts or shortages, and avoid delayed patient care and client experiences.

Inventory accuracy

Fractional accounting of inventory means you know exactly how much you’ve used and what is left.

Universal stocking tools

Compound products are a breeze to build, making it easy even for non-technical staff to work in inventory management.

The office manager's time and money saver

Make sure you always have the supplies you need for treatment. Use our automated inventory management software to track inventory levels of medications, medical supplies, and equipment.

Grow your practice's profitability with streamlined solutions by avoiding expired or obsolete inventory, leading to waste and:

  • Inaccurate tracking of inventory costs
  • Time-consuming manual processes for reordering and restocking
  • Lack of visibility into inventory data across the organization

Valuable insight into usage

Identify areas to reduce costs or improve inventory management processes' efficiency.

Imagine your inventory managing itself, reorder reminders, and stock level alerts are automated to prevent critical stockouts, ensuring your healthcare provision is never interrupted.

  • Effortlessly track inventory for whole products and even sell parts of a whole with individual names, prices, and SKUs.
  • Seamlessly navigate through setting lot numbers, customizing expiration date notifications, and ensuring every detail for regulatory compliance is tracked and reported.
  • Make reorders easy by having access to the vendor directly from the notification.

PracticeQ makes Inventory Management easier. Here's the proof.

"A small practice can now have that same powerful web presence and back office support that previously only large enterprise healthcare systems could afford, and you could manage it all yourself with a minimal investment in time and training. For me, practiceQ is the centerpiece of that."

Joey N.

"I find it to be a very easy program to use. I have 30+ years in Internal Medicine and have used many types of EMR-this is wonderful!"

LuAnne C., MD

practiceQ replaced my CRN, it replaced my old EHR, it replaced my old fax number, it replaced, oh, several other things. Just a ton of stuff. It's just replaced so many things."

Kim L., LSCSW, LIMHP Managing Partner

Reporting product sales and compliance-focused tracking has never been this straightforward.

Stop inventory issues before they occur with intelligent inventory management built into your practice management & EHR solution.