Task and Workflow Automation Software

Productivity on Autopilot

PracticeQ takes your practice to the next level of efficiency with innovative task automation for your patient management system.

Stop wasting hours on manual tasks, payments, and emails, as our intelligent platform handles everything.

  • PracticeQ automatically reminds you of tasks required for appointments and follow-ups, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Develop repeatable processes to scale your healthcare practice and grow your business.
  • Create, automate, and track processes quickly, so you can toss the sticky notes and stop worrying about forgetting important tasks.

Unlock more time for what truly matters—providing exceptional care. Streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and boost staff efficiency with PracticeQ Automations.

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Optimize day-to-day operations

PracticeQ is where efficiency meets simplicity for a stress-free healthcare practice. Automated patient management processes keep your practice running smoothly from open to close, maximizing operational effectiveness.

Free up time for doctors and staff to focus on patient care—not administrative to-do's.

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Hands-free task automation

Allow PracticeQ's smart tools to generate patient-necessary tasks such as invoicing, marketing emails, and appointment reminders for you.

The next level of patient management

PracticeQ's growth-driven patient management software helps your practice develop repeatable processes to streamline operations, optimize staff time, and scale your business.

Humans make mistakes; automation doesn't

Don't spend another sleepless night wondering if you forgot something. Automating tasks with reminders erases those fears completely. Billing, appointment messages, and more become foolproof.

Automatically improve patient experience

From scheduling appointments to sending appointment reminders and collecting patient information, our advanced automation features ensure efficiency and accuracy at every step of the patient journey.

  • Automate appointment scheduling, allowing patients to book conveniently and reducing admin slowdown.
  • Set automatic appointment reminders, minimizing no-shows and improving patient attendance rates.
  • Automate patient information collection, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data for enhanced care.

By automating repetitive tasks, your practice improves patient care and saves valuable time.

Cut rising medical costs

The rising costs of labor and supplies, economic challenges, and staff burnout threaten every office.

Automation can alleviate the symptoms of inflation with a resilient and innovative healthcare patient management system.

  • Create faster workflows without increasing errors.
  • Shorten billing cycles with automated processes, reducing delays and enhancing revenue management.
  • Automation ensures accurate data entry (no more duplicate data).

Rely on PracticeQ for the efficiency and reliability of automation to elevate patient care.

PracticeQ makes Automation easier. Here's the proof.

"When I say that intakeQ has saved me tens of thousands of dollars a year, I am not exaggerating. my previous EHR was so expensive. Very little things were automated. It was so hard to navigate. Our billing reports were so inaccurate."

Tabitha H., LCSW-R Owner

"So, especially for a small practice, where I value the flexibility of defining my own workflows, and want to keep my overhead as little as possible, pass the savings on to my patients, and do more work in my community, practiceQ's is an amazing solution. I really couldn't do it without practiceQ."

Joey N.

"We tried three other well-known options over the course of the last two years before moving all our therapist software functions to IntakeQ. We appreciate the ease of use, the EXCELLENT customer service, the flexibility, the functionality and the price point."

Arin, COO

Reduce expenses without hurting the patient experience.

PracticeQ tasks and workflow automation touches every aspect of patient management to reduce wasted time while improving patient care.