Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

Book Appointments, Set Reminders, Relax

Automated appointment booking allows your office to operate at peak efficiency and remain available around the clock for patients.

Minimize no-shows and maintain HIPAA compliance with PracticeQ scheduling software.

  • Sync appointments effortlessly with Google Calendar and enable flexible hours.
  • Accommodate every patient with family alerts, recurring bookings, and customizable patient packages.
  • Increase patient satisfaction with customizable reminders and acceptance of all major credit cards.
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24/7 acessibility for patients

PracticeQ frees you from the restriction of office hours. Your patients can book their appointments anytime, anywhere, whether they are early birds or night owls.

Fill appointment slots overnight and start the day with a clear picture of a full schedule.

With 24/7 appointment requests through your website, your calendar never sleeps, ensuring:

  • Optimal scheduling for practitioners' busy lives
  • A consistently full schedule
  • Happy patients

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No time to waste

Set automated reminders to patients' preferred communication method (text, email, or voice reminder), keeping them engaged and improving treatment outcomes.

Reach more prospects

Our user-friendly, hassle-free online scheduling system allows your patients to book appointments effortlessly through a direct link, embedded website widget, or "book now" button on social media.

Customizable convenience

With customizable SMS email reminders, PracticeQ helps you manage your calendar your way. The system’s flexible scheduling capabilities and seamless accessibility across all devices keep you connected and ready to book appointments.

Free your front desk

Forget phone tag frustrations! Patients take control of their appointments with online booking requests, freeing your front desk to care for patients already in your office.

  • Optimize patient engagement with automatic text and voice reminders.
  • Tailor reminder messages to match your practice's communication style and branding.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance, providing a secure and protected environment for patient data.

With a "set it and forget it" system, you can focus on treatment outcomes while the PracticeQ software automates appointment reminders.

100% patient intake integration

Welcome to a smooth, seamless patient intake experience. Our practice management software fully integrates hassle-free online appointment scheduling with the rest of the patient journey.

  • Simplify administrative tasks and reduce manual work, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Patients enjoy an easy, user-friendly experience, from scheduling to check-in—ensuring they feel valued and well-cared for.
  • Doctors and clinical staff get to focus on providing exceptional care while the PracticeQ platform takes care of the rest.

One patient management system includes filling out forms, making payments, receiving reminders, and managing tasks.

PracticeQ makes Online Booking easier. Here's the proof.

"My clients love the ease of going to the website. It's like you’re three clicks and you've made an appointment."

Jean K.

"It's seamless, it's intuitive, the appointment reminders, the emails that get sent out and we automatically schedule an intake, invoicing, paying online. All of that really helps me save money from an administrative perspective as well."

Tabitha H.

""I'm able to run my entire practice off of my iPhone as a truly solo practitioner who has no staff, not even a virtual assistant, I'm able to offer my patients, especially my millennial and Gen Z patients really especially value ... I mean, they expect to be able to schedule online, manage all of their appointments online. They want to communicate with me by text message, online secure message, email."

Joey N.

Three ways to book appointments makes countless happy patients.

Direct links, website widgets, and social media buttons are available now. Which will your prospects choose?